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Eventbrite - Personal Coaching - Pitch to Investors

Personal Coaching Service

Be Unique and Deliver a Winning Investor Pitch

Most investor pitches fail. Put simply, pitching an Angel Investor or Venture Capitalist is one of the toughest things an entrepreneur will ever do. Don’t compromise your preparation, by using a standard pitch deck or uninspiring pitch.

Get Funded With our Personal Pitch Coaching

Through one to one coaching, in person, via Google Hangout, our experienced team of pitch coaches help entrepreneurs deliver winning investor pitches. Our advanced and highly effective 1 to 1 Pitch Coaching Packages include:

  • How to capture your audience’s attention within the first 90 seconds.
  • How to create amazing content
  • How to pre-empt your audience’s questions
  • How to structure your pitch so that you take your audience with you
  • How to handle tough questions and use them to your advantage
  • The most effective way to prepare for your investor pitch
  • Feedback on your pitch with questions your likely to face
  • And much more …

Don’t Kill Your Funding With Boring PowerPoint

An investor pitch deck is one of your most important assets. A correctly structure deck can get you an investor meeting and help you get funded. Most decks fail to stand out, fail to communicate the business effectively and fail to support an entrepreneur’s pitch.

Do You Stand Out From the Crowd?

Given that most pitch decks are created at the last minute and are based on a template pulled off the web, it’s no wonder that most fail to deliver. As with your business, if you want success, your sales or investor presentation needs to stand out, engage and inspire your audience and deliver the right messages in the right order.

We have helped entrepreneurs create pitch decks that have raised capital and secure large sales contracts. We will help you create a unique and effective deck that:

  • Excites, engages and inspires your audience
  • Supports and syncs with your pitch rather than detracts and distracts
  • Uses minimal text yet delivers high impact messages
  • Uses the right number of slides for your unique pitch in the right order
  • Creates emotional impact while making the business case

 Eventbrite - Personal Coaching - Pitch to Investors

WE’RE READY! Contact us today at pitch@wownowwhat.com to discuss how we can help you create and deliver a pitch.  You must apply for entry as the schedule will only accomodate a small number of participants for personal coaching.  Serious inquires only. Spaces are filling up fast!

Group Coaching Services


Benefit from peer to peer discussions and questions shared among dreamers and entrepreneurs in various stages of business ownership.  

Overviews are given in larger groups and more personal attention can be shared in smaller settings.  Choose the learning environment that's best for your needs.

Having worked through the development of a business plan, or a draft of a business plan, and having it available for the process will greatly increase the results of your coaching experience.  

However, don't hesitate if you don't, we will start where you are and go from there to create a GREAT PITCH!

Group Pitch Clinic


  • Standout out from Crowd
  • Online Presentation
  • Materials to Prepare
  • Overview sessions 2 hours with Q&A
  • Group of 100 or more
  • Registration opens May 26, 2013

Inform Me

Peer Hangout Bootcamp


  • Formating your Presentation/ Pitch
  • Format of Business Plan
  • Q&A on business model
  • How to Standout
  • Examples and Templates
  • Sessions 3 hours allowing personal discussions
  • Group Hangout Maximun of 10

Eventbrite - Pitch to Investors Bootcamp